Thursday, October 18, 2012

Opening data in Spain - legal situation

(Here there is a Catalan translation of this post)

A few days ago, people from a European-wide technology project, asked me to draft a short article about the legal status of open data in Spain.

I copy this article here for those who might be interested.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Presentation of #da12data in the #OpenData Week of Nantes (France). #ODWNantes

Last Friday I was on Nantes, I presented the #da12data initiative in the OpenData Week of Nantes (France).

This was my presentation and my speech.

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The presentation

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Presentation of #1OdataLicenseEU in LAPSI 6th thematic seminar. #OpenData

(Here there is a Spanish translation of this post)

This Thursday I will be on Budapest, I will present the #1OdataLicenseEU initiative at the LAPSI 6th thematic seminar about licensing of public sector information.

If you want to know what is #1OdataLicenseEU initiative (and sign it) you must click here.

In the rest of this post, there are my presentation and my speech on this Thursday.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Smart Fun Cities

(This is an English translation of this original post in Spanish)

According to United Nations' data, provided by the World Bank, at the end of 2009 more people lived in cities than in rural areas for the first time, and the trend is for the urban population to keep growing.

It's clear, therefore, that we need to manage cities more and better, we need creativity, innovation, ideas to break the mould of urban management today.

In this regard, in recent months a new concept has been taking root in organizations (public and private) involved in city management.

This is the concept of a smart city. It is a concept that has a lot of definitions depending on what you want to emphasize.

Wikipedia says:
A city can be defined as ‘smart’ when investments in human and social capital and traditional (transport) and modern (ICT) communication infrastructure fuel sustainable economic development and a high quality of life, with a wise management of natural resources, through participatory governance.”

In other words, a smart city is one where city management is based on real time data provided by information and communication technologies, ICTs. That information is processed to act in accordance with the main lines of action.